Friday, November 1, 2013

Festive and Spooktacular

Well... I tried to get a minute to blog this past week but we were just having too much festive Halloween fun!
The weather was horrible --- raining dragons, draculas and monsters oh my!!!! But we made the most of it and had an absolute blast.... How was your Halloween?

My husband said for the little family and friend gathering we had... everything I planned was overkill.... I told him that considering it was HALLOWEEN --- overkill sounded very appropriate.

I made a pumpkin out of veggies, an amazing 7 layer spider web dip, caramel apples, and my hubby made some incredible chili. Threw in some orange and black tortilla chips, glitter spiders and we were set....

I had the 2 cutest monsters I have ever seen!!! Easton is fascinated with monsters and absolutely loves them... It started with a little Taggie monster - we now have 8 or 12.... at least we have backup  =) I made a Monster Mash chalkboard and it was impossible to get his attention for a picture b/c he just wanted to stare at them =) and by the time we got him to look Bailey started busting out of hers. LOL oh well!

My sister and I made some adorable treat bags for little neighborhood goblins, my nieces, nephew and close family friends. Needless to say - if you braved the elements last night you could just hit up our house and be done!!!

I have to admit... I may have cried my eyes out last night that Halloween was over. We made sure to do everything we could to make it extra special for our little monster and I'm going to miss it all until next year... the books, pjs, decor.... to be honest - not really the candy - I'll be stuffing my face with the leftovers for days =) On the bright side... tomorrow is my birthday and then it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas  festive fun!!! I can't wait!!!!

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