About me

My name is Beth.  My husband, Craig, is a firefighter. We have 5 kiddos... one 7 month old boy, Easton and 4 fur babies - Bailey is our amazing yellow lab - she goes everywhere with me and is my partner in crime. I often feel like she is a purse dog --- she could carry my purse rather than fit in it! We also have 3 crazy cats, Bacardi, Bella and Izzy--- they are full of personality and keep our lives interesting to say the least!

I'm crazy about accessorizing, decorating and design... I love love love holidays, seasons and anything I can make a tradition out of. I try to make anything and everything a little more FESTIVE. My family likes to remind me that I am clumsy, OCD, take too many pictures and have uncontrollable addictions to boots, sunglasses and jewelry.

I live in Ohio but my second home and favorite place on earth is Nashville, Tennessee. I love the music, southern hospitality, food, bars, and have a deep and unconditional love for the Tennessee Titans!

I've debated starting a blog for several years but finally sat down and made myself commit after being asked for the millionth time why I didn't have one =) I'm still learning the ins and outs of this thing so bear with me!

Please please please - let me know what you think - comment, share, and follow me on instagram and pinterest!

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