Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holly Jolly PJ Party...

Jumping in the fun --- well not jumping - thanks to my not so festive boot I get to wear for the next 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrr I was excited to ice skate with my hubby for our festive date night Saturday I fell going to the mailbox that afternoon on the ice. I tried to tough it out but ended up in the ER Sunday and my doctor's office today. Tore most of the ligaments in my foot and ankle - and the ones connecting the bones of my foot and ankle... I figured I'd be in a boot but 6 WEEKS??? eeeeeekkkkkk

So I'm trying to stay festive and join in the blog fun of the HOLLY JOLLY PJ PARTY... You know how much I love festive PJs for my little man... This is just encouraging me to share even more until Christmas hehehe

I think these are my favorite - he sure loves monsters and these are just the cutest with their santa hats!

Double yawns for me! lol 

Stay tuned... more to come and just wait till you see ours for Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas night!!! I can't wait!!!! Don't forget to check pix out on instagram too =)


  1. Boo to the boot! But yay for cute Christmas jammies! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. We both have Easton's! He is such a cutie in his Xmas pjs!

  3. Thanks so much girls!!!!
    So cute Chelsey - how old is your Easton?

  4. BUMMER about the boot but it looks like you're making the best of it. Cute Pj's on a cute babe :) Happy New Year!