Saturday, December 7, 2013

Be Festive!

Sorry for my delay in posting... I've been super busy being as festive as possible. I saw this in Macy's and it made my day! I felt like it was speaking to me and encouraging me to keep blogging! That or I'm just loosing my mind! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are in the full spirit of Christmas!

Here are a few things I have been doing to spread the Holiday Cheer and get my festive on =)

One of the first things we did this year was stock up on wrapping paper at the Container Store - their paper is my FAVORITE and fits my OCD need of making things perfect and matchy I was very excited to find out that Easton loves paper as much as I do!

 I see an expert little elf helper in my future!

I'm not for the stores opening super early on Thanksgiving day but our festivities are usually dying down around 9 o'clock so for stores opening around that time we couldn't help but join the madness... Of course my mom got me this shirt --- perfect for Black Friday and enjoying all the crazy shenanigans hehe

After the lack of Thanksgiving pj's out there - I went a little CRAZY for Christmas pj's.... As of now - Easton has 12 pair.... eeeekkkk and I couldn't help but get some for myself too =)

I'm in a rush but wanted to get this post up today! Off to get ready for a festive little date night with my hubby!

But just wait till you see what I have coming soon..... Till then... Have fun and be festive <3

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