Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Great Festive Debate...

I have been struggling with this post all month... Don't get me wrong- I LOVE Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for... but I just can't find the festive spirit overload I can for other holidays. It's so late this year and leaves the least amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in years.... which has brought the Great Festive Debate to our house....... and I'm sure many others as well.

I've decorated, tried to find tons of Thanksgiving PJs and books for little man but haven't had much luck. There is so much hype for Halloween and then retailers are a buzz kill for me after that - lacking all the decor, pj and book excitement I need to keep me going (for Thanksgiving that is- Christmas stuff has been in stores since like August LOL).

Here are a few of my festive Thanksgiving finds...

I mentioned in my Halloween post that I was using pumpkins everywhere for fall. Some have held strong and survived- bless their little gourd hearts. And here is the fake one I monogrammed for Easton's room I mentioned in that post as well.

I traded in my candy bucket on our entry table for a super cute stick turkey I found at Pottery Barn. So cute - and I threw some extra leaves I had from the mantle around it to make it a little more festive!

I think my favorite Thanksgiving item is this "Thankful" garland on my entry mirror.... I received it in a mail exchange I did to help with funds for an adoption. My exchange buddy was the BEST! She couldn't have made 2 more perfect pieces for me... she also sent a "Go Titans" garland that is hanging in our new bar in the basement. She has a shop on etsy -- the Thankful garland was so perfect for my mirror--- I'm having her make me a Christmas themed one and will probably be ordering more so I can have one up all year long. You can check out her shop here .... I'm also obsessed with her adorable "lump of coal" pom pom ornaments - I may have a few of those on the way as well hehe

I switched out my Halloween paper straws with Thanksgiving colored ones, turkey towels and of course my Bath and Body Works candles...

But sadly - this is about as festive as I could get. I just couldn't find much that I LOVE. So far... Thanksgiving has won out - but to be honest I'm not sure it's going to make it to the actual day. E's room is already covered in Christmas thanks to his little Elf who showed up early ;) and I'm itching to deck the rest of these halls!

What do you do to make Thanksgiving more festive? Or has Christmas taken over your houses?

I hope all of you have a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my "Thankful" banner. It looks absolutely perfect on your mirror!!! I think your home has just the right amount of cozy Fall touches :)