Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My city...

We had my annual birthday trip to Nashville this past weekend... This was my 16th celebrating with a Titans game and a few days in my favorite place on earth. I absolutely love everything about Nashville- the food, bars, shopping, music, boots, and most importantly the PEOPLE. I grew up a few years in the South so when I'm there - I feel at home! But as often as we are there I guess it pretty much is my second home hehe

In 16 years of complete Titan LOVE I had never met the mascot - T-Rac... It's been a continuous goal of mine - but no matter how many games or events I have been to there was never an opportunity. Until last Saturday =) a really good friend of ours is in charge of the Pro- Shop and made it happen- JUST FOR ME! I was so freaking excited I'm surprised I didn't tackle him. I was a little nervous about how Easton would react - he had never seen a "character" in real life before. But just like his mama.... he LOVED him! Smiled, squealed and couldn't take his eyes off of him. Made my heart burst! 

We had an unbelievable trip but little man topped it off with some pretty sweet hats and tons of giggles! He is usually a little ham - flirting with girls, smiling at strangers, life of the party but put a hat on him and it multiplies times a hundred. I cannot tell you how many people stopped us on Broadway, at the stadium, pointed, smiled or even snapped pictures of him. We also got the occasional, "he is the cutest thing I have ever seen" --- I thought it was just me hehe Crazy how much attention that boy can get with just a hat... We are going to have our hands full!

Sadly my boys didn't win but we enjoyed some yummy food, a few beverages, football, honky tonkin, shopping and of course some good 'ol Country music! Mmmmm now I'm craving fried pickles!!!! 

If you're looking for a fun weekend get away - head to "my city" --- I'll be happy to give you a list of musts! 

And --- if you're anything like Easton - throw on a hat and ham it up! 

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